SBA Testing


Over the last week, we took a test called the smarter balance assessment. It was by far the stupidest thing I’ve ever taken. I don’t even care about how the test benefits the educational system, it was just stupid. I just want to get into a college in the first place! Why does the government keep making new testing systems and curriculum to follow, as if every one was a failure? Why not just pick one that works and stick to it. Each state is different in population and demographics, so nationalizing an educational standard is almost impossible. For example, Georgians might have lower academic capability than those in California. ¬†The education that a state decides to follow must be suitable to the population that lives in that particular state.

This test followed a new standard, and confused to a point unimaginable. I couldn’t even do the math because the national standards were so high. Why can’t we just be tested on what we learned in school, instead of having the school teach us what we have to know according to the national standard?

I don’t even know and can’t even explain how stupid this test was. This post is just a rant.


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