DIY Project Post #6



Since we’ve finished our interviews, we started to organize all of the footage into our big documentary. The due date was soon, however, and we made the disappointing decision not to finish this project.

BUT, that does not mean that we will not make something of the footage that we have captured. On a date that will be later determined, we will present a sample of our project. So far, we have decided to create a mini trailer for our documentary and then just show this trailer instead of having the entire documentary as the project. Since the due date is soon, and our project will just be that trailer, I don’t think we will continue this project after, sadly. We put a lot of work into the documentary, but knowing that this project is only for English class and has nothing to do with our personal lives, we have decided to only include the trailer.

So far, this is probably going to be the last project post because we will not continue this project any further!


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