The ESLRs and the Classroom


In class today, my English teacher asked us to do a Zero Draft, or an eight-minute session when we would just write on a certain topic nonstop. The designated subject was about how his English class has helped us to reach the ESLR’s, or the Expected Schoolwide Learning Results.

Ever since day 1 of the class, I have seen academic techniques employed to fulfill the requirements of these ESLR’s. The elements of these learning results include effective communication, critical thinking, self-directed learning, and societal responsibility.

Every day in this class, we have at least one discussion on recent texts or on other matters. We converse and debate with our neighbors, not only developing strong communication skills but also establishing unbreakable friendships that can last a long time.

The texts that we discuss during our seminars or discussions can be interpreted in many ways, and our teacher explores the many ways in which people think by asking us broad and open-ended questions. This reflection on what we have learned is a great way to hone our critical thinking skills.

The work done in class does not stop when the bell rings to signal the end of the period. Homework, similar to the type of work we do in class, consists of assignments in which we share out thoughts on a certain topic and publish those opinions on an Internet blog or something or the like. This is obviously a great way to develop communication skills as well as skills in the booming technology era.

Since the class year goes by so slowly, we tend to not realize our own development in these ESLR’s elements. It is such a drastic change, but we are blind to the snail-like pace of the year. Because of this, we might assume that the class has not helped us in any way to improve our ESLR’s, but in fact it has.  Because we cannot really feel or even see the changes in ourselves, we cannot assume that the class has not helped us achieve what was expected of us.

Overall, we tend to undervalue our classes, and in my opinion, I believe that this english class has helped me at least in some type of way that fulfilled the ESLR’s.


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