The End to Morphemes



Ever since  the beginning of this school year, we’ve been doing a type of activity called “Morphemes” every monday. When we came to class, we would pull out a sheet of paper, and copy down the definitions of each morpheme already on the projector screen.

The process was long and boring, or at least I thought it was. 21 weeks full of definitions of useless morphemes for what? Apparently, these have not prepared me at all for the AP test. Don’t get me wrong, these are handy at times for deciphering some new words, but what was the purpose of learning them in this class? The class is AP LANGUAGE AND COMPOSITION, not AP MORPHEMES.

I was only fine with doing the morphemes simply because it passed class time, invaluable class time when we did not prepare for the AP test anyways.  Morphemes have a futile purpose, if its purpose was to prepare us for the AP exam.

So far into the class, I have not learned one thing about the AP test. I have no clue what is on it, nor how to prepare for it. I have been so busy with these morphemes that have given me so much knowledge. Sure, morphemes can be fun at times, but I cannot stand the fact that the purpose of having them in class is unrelated to the preparation for the AP test, the sole reason for the class alone. If we cannot prepare for the test, then why have the class at all?

Morphemes simply render the class useless. Nothing more.


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