A Picture Is Worth.. A Thousand Ways to Analyze?



In class today, we learned about new ways to analyze visual texts. An acronym for the specific method that our teacher taught us was the O.P.T.I.C. Standing for Overview, Parts, Title/Text, Interrelationships, and Conclusion, this way of analyzing visual texts allows me to easily look at a picture and determine its argument. Although there are many other ways to analyze a visual, I find this one the most effective as it allows me to see pictures not in just one perspective.

In class, we did an exercise on a picture as a whole, and many students gave various perspectives of the pictures just using this acronym. I was shocked at how many different views and angles one can have at just a picture. Literally, OPTIC means eyes, or vision, and we can use eyes to visualize a picture, and I found this kind of intriguing. Every person has a different pair of eyes, which allow them to see the world differently than all other people. Sometimes, the color that I see might not even be the one that someone else sees. This weaves in well with the method of analysis on visuals.

Another interesting point is that we don’t just see the picture differently, since we have different sets of eyes that can capture a different range, we also react to that picture differently as well. No one has the exact same reception and response to the same picture, separating us from one another in our perspectives. This can mean that even though your English teacher might tell you that you are wrong, you might be in a way correct, depending on your perspective. That is the benefit of having a unique mindset, knowing that you can be right, even though someone else tells you that you are wrong.


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