DIY Project Post #5



Since our group has finished gathering interviews, we are now editing of the clips into one large documentary. We have come up with an introductory voice-over, and I was the one chosen to narrate it. So far, we have not edited anything at all, but at least we finished collecting interviews, at least over 40! Some were phenomenal, while others could not be included in the overall documentary because of the poor quality. We will record next week the music in the clip. I am playing the piano so hopefully it will sound good on the actual audio! Because this project is almost due, we are working hard to make sure this will be done and turned in on time. Even though the project does not actually need to be done, since Mr. Z is looking for progress, we will try to edit and finish this documentary before the due date. There isn’t really much to say on this blog post, but this is our progress so far in one week!


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