Class Dismissed, but Remembered


Senior Year. Entirely different from the other grades in high school, 12th grade is a “wasted” year. Literally wasted with all the keg parties and “sloppy dancing,” as mentioned in Walter Kirn’s essay “The Way We Live Now: Class Dismissed,” seniors are different from the rest of the high school assembly. In Kirn’s essay, he overtly despises the rampant behavior of debauchery that typically describes most seniors. Although I believe he is ¬†hastily generalizing, there are some seniors who do display this immoral comportment. Kirn then goes to explain the reasons why “most” seniors do the things that they do, varying from boredom to the lack of responsibility as well as the apparent carelessness in their attitude towards academic success.

I completely disagree with Kirn’s hatred of the attitudes of seniors. Don’t get me wrong, I do agree with his reasons for the behaviors of seniors, but hating them as a whole group is a one-way bias. There are other studious and sober seniors as well, who act far from the described comportment. Hasty generalization typically describes Kirn’s essay.

My reasons for the behavior of seniors are the same as those from Kirn’s essay. Boredom and the lack of responsibility generally do take over the adolescent mind of an “almost-ready” teenager. However, school for most is a boring day-to-day thing. Having gone to school for over ten years, many seniors are eager to graduate, and tend to resort to these activities in order to get rid of the boredom in school.

Kirn’s description of seniors are also influenced by the fun that is associated with senior year. High school should be the best time in a person’s life, and these activities allow the seniors to let the stresses of school free, and also to create the memories that they will cherish later. This is probably the main reason explaining the behavior of seniors. Creating memories that will last are important . Once you graduate from high school, you can never go back again. This is why seniors, not freshmen nor sophomores nor juniors, spend their year living life as if it was their last day. High school is about to end, so why not make it fun and something that they can remember later in life?




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