How You See, not What You See




“Is the horse looking towards you or towards the horizon?”

This post is about the perspective of things that we see in the world. Each of us see things differently and in different shapes and sizes. It is not at all surprising if we see things in different colors as well! Because we see things in our own unique way, there is really no “right” answer to anything at all. Especially in English, where literature is open to interpretation, there is really no right or wrong answer. There is only a different perspective of the book.

From these facts on perspective, we can also conclude that teachers themselves are biased and only see things in their perspective. Usually, they should be open to students’ interpretations but sometimes they are so attached to their own opinion that they are blinded to other views of English and its rich literature. This post is not to rant on teachers in any way possible, but it notifies everybody that teachers can sometimes be biased themselves. Knowing this can help teachers as well as students to learn more effectively in class by being open to other opinions. Doing this, students as well as teachers themselves can learn more new things each day.


One thought on “How You See, not What You See

  1. That’s what we’re doing in this class Brandon–training you to HAVE a perspective, EXPLAIN that perspective, then SUPPORT that perspective w/ evidence.

    And I EXPECT you to have a DIFFERENT perspective than I do. I’ll give my perspective in class, but if you just regurgitate it, well, it’s back to the drawing board.

    So please, disagree with me, proffer YOUR perspectives, but just make sure you have the evidence and can proficiently explain how that evidence supports your perspective.

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