The Great Gatsby: the movie adaptation


We are currently reading the Great Gatsby in our English class, and some of the details are extremely phenomenal. I absolute loved the book and admired the content. However, I was curious to see how the directors would have adapted this wonderful book to the movie screen. I watched the movie shortly after finishing the book, and discovered that the movie was extremely accurate and all of the details included in the book were also depicted in the movie. This movie also opened up other perspectives of the book for me. The soundtrack of this movie was very peculiar but it added brilliance to the movie that if the music had not been there, the overall quality of the movie would have been worse. The soundtrack included modern music, although the setting was in New York, specifically Long Island in the 1920’s. Many people have said that it would have been more appropriate if jazz or swing had been put into the movie, but I disagree with all of them. Kanye West, and other modern day producers have been featured on the soundtrack, and this produces a vibe that the characters would have felt if they had partied back in the 1920’s. The music just gives us the feels, while jazz and swing were the real beats that the people had listened to.

Another important depiction in the movie that was not frequently detailed in the book was the green light that blinked near the dock of Daisy’s house. The movie starts off and ends with the scene of the green light. That light is only mentioned a few times throughout the book, but the movie emphasize the importance of the light’s symbolism because the light represents the hopes and dreams of Gatsby. At the end, the green light dims, and this is important, showing how Gatsby’s dreams could not have been accomplished.

My overall opinion of this movie is mixed, because there were parts of the movie I did and did not like. I was completely astonished by the soundtrack and the music, and that mixture was brilliant. However, the scenes throughout the movie gave me a strange feeling. The Valley of Ashes could have been better staged in the movie. Overall, however, this movie had accurately abridged the book.


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