The Battles We Face (DIY Project) Progress #4


Our next decided interview date was at Downtown Disney. This was extremely successful as we obtained over ten interviews in less than two hours. To celebrate this achievement we even ate pizza for lunch at this place. It was a great day, because almost everyone we interviewed was eager to have their answer recorded by our camera. Seriously, the change of question had affected our project so much that we decided to keep this prompt for future interviews. This interview took place on the friday of the last week of winter break. Over this break, we planned to meet up several times, but we ended up not being able to because everyone was busy.

After having all of our work recorded into the camera, Karen decided to start editing the footage so that we could be done with part of the project. However, the SD card that we used to record our interviews had been wiped! All our data and hard work had just been wasted. We were utterly devastated. All our great interviews had been thrown away and we could not help but be mad about the person who had wiped our data on the SD card.

This project is not yet doomed. We will continue to plan more interview dates to gather more data. Also, we will edit this project and not give up just because of one obstacle. We are a strong group and we will not back down!


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