The Battles We Face (DIY Project) Progress #3


So far, our planning was done, and all we needed to do was execute the plan. Our first interview date was set in early December, and we filmed at Mile Square Park, where there was a good amount of people jogging and exercising. We thought it would be a good idea to talk to these people because they come to the park not because they are busy, but to enjoy their day. Therefore, it would seem easier if we asked people who were more relaxed and more lenient towards answering our interview questions.  We Were severely wrong. We got mostly rejections because our questions were too personal. Our question was “What is a personal problem that you have and what effect does it have on you?”  I knew that people were not inclined to answer this question simply because they did not want to tell their life to a bunch of high school students. We did get two worthy interviews as well, but they were either not filmed or filmed with extremely bad quality. Therefore, this interview date was a bust, and we did not get any interviews at all from this time. The GIF above accurately depicts our group’s mentality right now because we have wasted so much time interviewing people who would not give us good answers.

To fix this problem, we decided to change the question and our approach to this question. Our new question asked about the interviewee’s opinions on a problem in society, whatever that problem is. They give their opinions and then we can ask followup questions about how that societal problem has affected them personally. In that way, we can receive better answers and still get insight about the problems that affect people as a whole.


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