The School Environment


Why do we have to go to school? Apparently, the obvious answer to this question is to educate ourselves. We wake up so early in the morning, go to a “|prison|”, and then have to endure the boredom that ensues every single school day. One thing is for certain, and that we are surely not “educating” ourselves in the intended way.

Education is meant to free ourselves from the chains of illiteracy, and to connect better with others around us. Language is probably the best way for us to converse and to have a relationship with one another. It is meant to prepare us for the most important things in life: relationships.

Once we are old, and on our deathbed, do mathematics and science really seem that important? Obviously, we only want to be with the ones that we care about, and talk with the ones who appreciate us.

For some reason, English class has been the only liberating class for me, and has made me realize the flaws in our education system and that we need to alter not the intention, but the way we try to educate others.


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