The Battles We Face (DIY Project) Progress #2




This progress post will  be about the preparation for the interviews. Since we have not done any interviews over the Thanksgiving break, I came over to Karen’s house only to learn how to use the technology and to prepare for the actual interviews. At her house, we decided (without the other members) to film at certain locations in order to capture the distinct environment and the different types of people that we might encounter. The locations planned are: downtown Disney, Main Street in Huntington Beach, Mile Square park, any mall, and the Tet festival, which takes place sometime in January or February.

Before we were to record the interviews, we decided to make consent forms for the interviewee so that they will be recorded at their own discretion. If they refuse to sign the form, we will not record them and put them in the documentary. Also, for legal purposes, we do not want to get sued!

These forms were made by Jar-Yee at first. They sounded cheesy but professional.

The cameras we are using are hand held camcorders. We will also be using the personal mics so that the audio responses would be more clear for the video. We will also be using the hand-held mic because it looks more professional in an interview.

As of now, this is the progress we have made so far!


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