The Battles We Face (DIY PROJECT) Progress #1


This post is about a project that I and my group have started recently. This project is a DIY project, and lapses for about most of this year. I’m a junior in high school, and am already beset with life’s difficulties. Although high school is notorious for the drama and the emotions, the obstacles and difficulties are not confined to the school environment. People everywhere have some sort of problems in their lives. The purpose of this project is to realize that people face different sorts of problems and to understand how they deal with these problems in their daily lives.

The project came together by a mere chance. I was already planning an entirely different project altogether with another partner, when suddenly our current group came together and decided to do this project. The current members are: Brandon Vu (me), Jessie Le, Karen Trinh, Jar-Yee Liu, and Kim Tran. The idea was out of the park and was entirely random, but we managed to gather consent from all of the members.

On the first week of planning, we made a powerpoint slide, introducing our mission and purpose for the project. It also stated the details and the schedule of the project as a whole. The link to the document is here:, on slide number #4.

On this document, we listed all our pages that could give us some support for our project. Unfortunately, we don’t have a Facebook page, but we do have an Instagram and another to document our progress. This is basically the first step of the project that we have planned. We are going to garner support and build a stable foundation to start upon first before we actually begin.

The main core of the project will be two documentaries. The first one will be about what the title suggests: the struggles in peoples lives. We will interview everyone from all ages and areas to get a better insight on the obstacles in life. Using these interviews, we can conclude and document their responses to specific questions in the documentary.

The second documentary will actually be about the process of making our documentary. In other words, this video is going to be all about the bloopers and the “Behind the Scenes.”

After editing these videos and compacting them into a concise and decent documentary, we will upload these videos to Youtube for the world and will hope to send our message across to everyone, that problems are in everyone’s lives and one does not need to run away from them.

This is the main goal of our group’s DIY Project.


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