In class today, we analyzed an essay that had me on the edge of my seat. The impressive form and content had such a great marriage that the potent effect almost knocked me over. The author was brilliant, and made me realize that the content of an essay alone cannot overwhelm and touch the reader’s heart. The content must be just as effective as the form. An essay that can truly touch a reader must have both good form and content. The marriage of these two factors contributes to the potent effect of the essay entirely.

In this video, I have been truly touched by the message that it is trying to send. Jeremy Lin, an underrated Asian basketball player, stars in it and truly shows that basketball is not meant to be a competition. It is a game solely for the fun of it. Sure, it is not fun to suck at playing, but the purpose of the game is not for dominance and performance. The rush of adrenaline is what drives most of the NBA players today. They love the game, and that is the only reason why they stay to play in the league. Otherwise, they would have gotten a job somewhere else.

Back to the video, Jeremy teaches this young kid to value to game, and even teaches him a few moves to convince his brother to let the kid play with him. The brother and his friends refused to let the younger brother play. This is the kid who Jeremy tries to teach. The message is already touching, but the emotional appeal was only a slight push, barely an aggresive tackle that can sweep me off my feet. The truth in Lin’s body language validates his true intentions, and it is the form of his body and the progression of the video that makes this video so motivational and so inspirational.



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