Educated Out of Creativity

This post talks about the education system in our nation. Although it has barely anything to do with English class, I felt like this post was too important to miss out on. Our education is extremely important, but apparently we are being “educated out of creativity.” Mathematics, Language, are at the top portion of the learning hierarchy. The sciences are at the next level, and the arts are downtrodden at the very bottom of the status. Apparently, all of the world’s education systems work this way. The arts are not valued and appreciated enough. In this video, the speaker mentions our capabilities as individuals. We are all able to perform great things with our innate imagination, but the educational system has degraded and deteriorated that imagination, leaving us with a sharp instruction to follow commands. We are being turned into robots by the system, and we are not allowed to express ourselves through the arts.

Picasso once wrote that “All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.” This quote is so inspirational because it depicts every single human being as capable. Our abilities are destroyed by the education system that we have created.

Ultimately, we are only destroying ourselves by limiting ourselves. Our imagination can take us to new perspectives and views that can alter the course of the future. Only by changing the education system are we able to progress towards this direction.


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