The Revival of Responsibility



Responsibility is slowly dying in these days! Kids are on the streets from dawn till dusk, not knowing when they should come home, or rather knowing that they should come home but choose not to anyways. Sometimes, I blame the parents for not raising their children with the number one virtue of responsibility. Other times, I blame society for allowing social licentiousness and or not punishing irresponsibility. Our society is by far different from that of the Puritans of New England during the 17th and 18th century. This time period is also the setting of the Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne. Back then, responsibility and religious morality was a person’s first priority. Religion and strict moral codes ruled society and the Puritan’s daily lives. This was why public shame was such a horrible punishment. One’s reputation was utterly destroyed with a sin. Adultery was probably considered a mortal sin, and therefore the people of the villages had ostracized Hester, the sinner. Hester repented and owned up to her terrible sin by tending to the needs of the poor and fabricating clothes for others who wanted to buy them. Her responsibility and acknowledgment of her own sin was the glow of light from her impure heart. Although she committed a grave sin, she had the one virtue that was valued above all: responsibility. This value is the very topic of this blog, and how it has degraded over the long centuries. Now, this virtue is scarce to be found in some. Teens no longer treat their parents with respect, and refuse to do their chores unless a reward is offered. Responsibility is fading away, and only a vestige is found in those who were raised right. We must reverse the direction of this trend. Responsibility must again be a large part of our lives. Without responsibility, we wander about in chaos, flouting authority and disobeying those who know what’s best for us. The first step must be to change our perspective of those who are older than us. They are obviously wiser because they have experienced life longer than we have. Respect ultimately leads to responsibility, the final goal. Once this can be reached again, society is no longer in chaos, and police forces probably do not even have to patrol because everyone is so responsible. When this utopian society is reached, our goal as the human race will be accomplished.


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