Children: Are They Better Than Adults?


The title says it all. Are kids really better than the older and wiser adults? Kids actually are more creative than adults. Their imaginations run wild and their dreams let loose into their thinking. Kids run carefree, without worry, on the streets while adults are sitting on their work chairs at their desks worrying anxiously over bills and the like. Kids live their life as if it were a dream. In fact, they reenact their dreams in real life! This playful mindset allows them to fully grow mentally. In the video shown above, the kid in it builds and creates his own mini arcade by himself, all out of cardboard! He was inspired by his dreams, and had decided to transform it into a reality. Although he has almost no customers or players, he persists in keeping his dream alive. This should almost be a sixth sense for children: they are able to recognize and identify funniness in almost anything. Statistically, kids laugh much more often than adults do. This makes them happy almost all the time. “Happiness is the key to success,” but never the other way around. Kids are able to joke around with the other kids and even have fun by themselves. The most important thing that they are able to maintain is happiness. Adults, on the other hand, are unable to be happy without the appreciation and the acceptance of others around them. Kids do not care and only focuses on having fun! This life that they are living can be considered the most successful because they are so happy all the time. Kids may be better than adults in certain aspects only, but the life that they live definitely is much better than that of an adult.


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