Laziness Underrated


As I learned in class, everything is an argument. Everything takes a position. A person’s dirty room, for example, might shout out to people : “I have no sense of responsibility! I hate cleaning my room! I am lazy!” However, such connotations with a dirty room might clog our view of the truth about dirty rooms and lazy people that inhabit them. In other words, all I’m trying to say is that lazy people are probably the smartest out of all of us. They are the ones that think outside the box, and do things abnormally. They take the easy way out of things. We would have never had the light bulb if Thomas Edison had not been too lazy to use a candle. We would have never had the telephone if Alexander Graham Bell had not been too lazy to walk to communicate with someone. Overall, it is the social reputation with lazy people that is the problem. We today believe that the typical lazy bum lies around on the couch all day playing GTA or watching movies with a bottle of soda or a stash of chips. Clearly, they just do not have the motivation to do their routinely activities. They want change. They are radical thinkers and cannot stand repetition. It is this mindset that sets lazy people apart from others, not their indolence that segregates them. In order to solve this social problem, we must come to realize that everyone is capable mentally. We may be variegated in different ways, and have different talents and skill sets, but we are probably all the same capably. Lazy people might be extremely smart, but lack the will and determination to do it. Motivated people, on the other hand, might be spirited and willing, but might not even be that smart. Yes, it can sometimes be that surprising. Lazy people are not the type of people who we think they are. Arguments are even patent in a dormant lazy person. Arguments are everywhere and in everything!


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